Avocado and eggs on toast? Pah! This is what you should be doing with your dearly beloved green stuff

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Chocolate avocado mousse with blackberries and pistachios

To say we love avocado wouldn’t even begin to describe our feelings. Quite frankly, we struggle to imagine life without it. 


Here’s how to get the smooth, buttery fruit into every meal of the day. Hurrah! 


The avocado wave (on toast)

Top off with dried chilli flakes and black beans and you've got yourself an all-out Mexican wave! Happy days.

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The avocado wave

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How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Housed in half an avocado of course. Eggs baked in things is a thing itself, people, and this ingenious recipe has bacon in it too. Yum. Scoop out some of the inside of your avocado halves so they hold a whole egg, spread onto some toast and you’ll have yourself a rather heavenly brunch. 

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The avocado cupcake

Yes, there's avocado in the cake mix and in the icing on these spicy chocolate cupcakes ... but you wouldn’t know it.


*Puts kettle on*

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Avocado: meet comfort food

This is mac ‘n’ cheese for lazy people and there's no oven required. Bonus!

Those clever people at Two Peas and Their Pod have created this creamy, cheesy, comforting dish of deliciousness. It’s like a dream come true. 

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Pop out

This is avocado and milk blended together, frozen and then dipped in chocolate. Because avocado does desserts too. 

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Cookie monster

Chocolate + avocado = yum (surprising, we know). Add cookie mix into the equation and, dear readers, you have yourself a truly winning combination. 

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Fryer’s delight

Forget potatoes, it’s all about avocado fries. Coat the green wedges with panko breadcrumbs and you’ve got yourself a canapé / snack / burger accompaniment (delete as appropriate).

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Hey presto

Pesto is a genius invention that pretty much makes everything taste better. But what about avocado pesto? *Runs to the kitchen to find pestle and mortar to make green goodness*

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No, we haven't lost the avocado plot – its powers really do extend to drinks too. Take your lead from Cook in Canuck and say hello to the avocado margarita. Mix avocado, crushed ice, agave nectar, tequila, triple sec and coriander springs. The blender will be your friend here.

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This is how to make avocado taste like chocolate

Thanks to food trend setters, we're now allowed to put our two favourite things together: avocado-lovers rejoice, chocolate-lovers rejoice even more.

Sprinkle some crushed nuts and berries over your chocolate avocado mousse and you’ve got yourself a rather special pud.  

PS: no-one will be able to tell there’s avocado in there (unless some sneaky person tells on you).

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What a pickle

Yes, it’s true. You can pickle an avocado. Finally there’s a way you can make the green stuff last longer. Hallelujah! 

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