A crisp is a very fine thing and you can do so much more with a packet than simply scoff the lot in one fell swoop

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Pistachio-chocolate tart with a potato crisp crust

Mac 'n' cheese with a crisp crust

This is the meal of childhood dreams. Some genius has added crisps so your topping will be crunchy every time. Gold star.

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The crisp brownie

You know chocolate and crisps are a winning combo, right? When broken up over the top of a gooey chocolate brownie mix, the potatoey goodness will bring a crunchy, salty something to the party. 

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The crisp-cum-onion ring

Go on, it’s cold, you deserve a treat. Plus the addition of crisps to the coating will ensure the essential crunch factor. Boom.

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The crisp tortilla

Egg and potato is a wonderful thing, obviously – but nothing new. However, swapping those raw potato slices for crisps deserves some kind of medal. Throw in some salad for good measure and hello Friday night feast.

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Peanut butter, jam and crisp thumbprint cookies

This sounds like a children's party all wrapped up in a cookie – otherwise known as a giant food hug that will send you right back to primary school. 


If you've ever snuck a couple of crisps inside a peanut butter and jam sarnie, then this is for you. 

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The crisp-coated chicken

What better way to coat chicken pieces in crunchy deliciousness than using crisps?


Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, you could even slice up these chicken pieces and put them in a wrap with some salad.

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The crisp crust

Using a bag of crisps in your pastry may get you nil points from blue-eyed baker Paul Hollywood, but we reckon it's worth the risk.


After all, everyone knows salt and chocolate are a winning combo …

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What's your favourite way to eat crisps? Let us know in the comments box below ...