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No, it's not marmalade on toast – it's called Bread and Scrape

From Buckingham to Barnsley, today we'll be taking you on a tour of the country's finest delicacies that may never have passed your lips. Maybe you stopped listening as your grandma reminisced about 'wet nellies', and you thought the 'Sussex pond' was just a really nice pond.


Well, you're in for an education.


Sussex pond pudding 

This is a pudding made of suet with a whole surprise lemon inside. Once baked, the filling melts to create a thick, caramel sauce that runs out and pools around the plate when served – creating a “pond”. The lemon in the middle gets all marmaladey and sweet. Since the health brigade came along to ruin everyone's fun, this suet-based treat has been banished from dinner time across the country. But lucky for you, we've got the recipe!

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​If you're a big fan of seriously calorific food then you should probably get yourself on a train up to Teesside where the 'parmo' is kebab shop king. No big night out on the town would be complete without this breaded chicken, béchamel sauce and melted mozzarella combo. Pretty much anywhere in Middlesborough you can pick up a meat feast parmo – that's chicken escalope, sauce, chips, mayonnaise, cheese and pepperoni – for less than £6. Slimming, it is not.

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Photo: gregers.fr 


A bacon badger

No friends, this is not a badger made of bacon. That would be a horrible thing. No, this a Buckinghamshire treat that puts sausage rolls to shame: bacon pieces, potato, onion and tasty spices all wrapped in a perfect suet pastry casing. Try cooking Granny's recipe here.

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Red pudding

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous sausage, it's much like a saveloy but more elusive. Apparently, it's the mix of rusks, rinds, suet, porky fat, beefy fat and spices, which gives it an overall fluffier texture. Then, of course, it's battered and deep fried in all its meaty Scottish glory. Slightly wrong? Yes. Delicious? Probs.

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red pudding

Photo: Revolt / en.wikipedia.org


Wet nelly

Oh look, it's more suet. Because no traditional English fayre would be complete without a layer of nice thick stodge. This one is crammed full of currants – another favourite from days of yore. Liverpool is the birthplace of this wondrously named treat and you can make it yourself using this here recipe.

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Mucky fat butties

​You know what it's like: you break for lunch and all you can think about is bread and dripping. This delicacy of the north is still very much on the menu in Yorkshire. Are you a dripping fan, though? Does it all sound a little too Dickensian for you? Well, next time you have a bacon sandwich wipe the bacon pan with fresh crusty bread and get back to us. 

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