If you thought your aeroplane food was the pits, get a load of these.

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Image: Airline meals

Via Paul Johnson / airlinemeals.net

It's quite amazing really, when you realise just how relentlessly terrible airline food has remained over the years. Those little plastic pots and the way that no matter what it is, every meal seems to smell of warm egg.


But some airline fare just leaves the mind boggling. Behold, some of the grimmest contenders in the world.



There isn't really much to say about this delectable fare on a flight from Dublin to Stockholm. Although it seems important to point out that this is supposed to be a hamburger. Just in case you hadn't realised.

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Via Teemu / Airlinemeals.net



Estonian cuisine might not be internationally renowned, but unfortunately this airline meal isn't doing the country any favours. They have not succeeded in making that meat (whatever it is) is look any better by shaping it into a flower. 

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Via Marco Schmid / Airlinemeals.net



It would seem that a certain airline are now serving fingers in their cooked breakfasts, as passenger and airline food blogger Paul Johnson found out the hard way. Fair play to the guy, he sampled everything on the plate. The only good thing he had to say about it was that 'the bacon was the best part of the hot meal.'

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Via Paul Johnson / Airlinemeals.net


North Korea

The cuisine on Koryo Airlines is pretty joyless. You'll probably never experience the delight that is this pallid meat bun because this particular airline is banned from the EU due to safety regs. In fact, it's the only airline (out of 681 others) with a one-star rating from Skytrax Airline rating scheme. 

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Via Christopher / Airlinemeals.net



What's happening here is the ultimate in food mind games. 'A drink you say? But it's green?' What flavour could it possibly be? And are those kind stewards spoiling you with two types of meat - or what is that?

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Via Gina Espinoza / Airlinemeals.net