Grade A sushi, Kefir pannacotta, chef-baked croissants and a whole lot of smug

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If the highlight of your working week is when the leftover Pret almond croissants from the big boss' meetings get put in the kitchen, we feel you. And if you feel tremendously spoilt when the communal fruit basket gets replenished, samesies. 


But, guys. There are some offices out there where the edible perks don't just consist of tepid cast-offs and a clutch of Braeburns. Where, instead of your Tupperware full of whatever odds and ends you could forage from the fridge for lunch, an in-house chef creates feasts. Where unlimited barista-standard coffee, Middle Eastern-style brunch dishes and in-house baked bread are staff's for the taking. 


From Silicon Valley to the Somerset countryside, here are the most incredible. 



1. Airbnb, San Francisco 

The US-based HQ of the home-away-from-home site is a dream. Not only visually (which it is: all huge, airy rooms, green outside areas for meetings and work stations with a variety of lighting options for whatever works for you) but also, gastronomically. Why? Because there's a dedicated in-house chef team. Who will sort out breakfast, lunch and dinner. And everything is free. We mean, look at these dainty servings of shakshuka, all lovingly cooked eggs and butter-stained grilled toast. LOOK. 


2. Apple, Israel 

This looks to be sushi of such calibre that we'd have to head out to a super-snazzy restaurant to get our making-loving mitts on it. But, for the tech heads who work out of Apple's office in Israel, this is your classic Wednesday lunch. Tempura prawns, shucked oysters with lemon and still warm chocolate cakes are also offered on the regs. We'll just sit and cry into our ham and cheese baguette. 


3. Google, London 

Google's fabled food rep proceeds it, naturally. We've all heard the rumours: a healthy floor and a 'dirty' floor; themed lunches featuring different cuisines, freezers filled with mini tubs of Häagen-Dazs, gigantic smoothie machines piled with fruit and veg... Yeah. It's all true. So, if you'd like a casual grilled lobster come Tuesday teatime, get your CVs in pronto. 


4. Dropbox, San Francisco 

What Dropbox actually does – providing somewhere for you to share and access files – isn't terribly sexy. But, their inhouse 'tuckshop', as their canteen is titled, is a carousel of deliciousness. Sashimi salads, spicy seafood laksas, kefir panna cotta with dehydrated fruit... we'd learn the dark arts of computer coding for a slice of this action. 


5. Pixar, Emeryville 

Flexing your creative muscles is hungry work. So it makes sense that the lucky folk who do their daily grind at the world's most famous animation studio get a very snazzy selection of eats. Passionfruit and sesame macaroons, fresh noodles dressed with greens and blackened salmon... ain't no pedestrian chicken sandwiches here. 


6. Yeo Valley, Somerset 

Far, far away from city grime lies fields humming with bird song, hills doused in sunlight and the Yeo Valley office. While there's a view from the canteen of glorious, uninterrupted countryside, which is great, natch, there's also an ever-changing menu of home-cooked dishes. Mussels in cider with skinny chips, battered cod and chef-made brownies are all up, and all making us want to hand in a petition for similar perks to our MD immediately. 


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