Get the brownie points in early by whipping up an awesome Mother's Day brunch

It's time to start rolling out the red carpet and get ready for the most awesome brunch of the year. Yes, after everything your mum has done for you, the least you could do is make her a piece of toast. 


Or preferably more than that. There should at least be some eggs and/or chocolate involved too.


Before breakfast: make sure there's a card

This is more important than all the other things. Stop what you're doing and make a card.

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Get decorating

Go all-out Pinterest crazy on the breakfast table. Flowers in a vase, a bright white tablecloth, the best china, the Sunday newspaper, and maybe even one of these adorable photo placemats


If you've got a bell, add a bell

Buying a bell is too much effort, but if there's one in the house put that beside her plate so she can ring it at will like the Queen. 


Now you're ready to try one (or all) of these delicious brunches and wow her with your culinary skills.


Egg-in-a-heart toast

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What a wonderful way to do eggs on toast. Cut a heart-shaped hole in your toast (easiest with a cookie cutter) and fry an egg in it. Bask in maternal adoration. Get the how-to here.


Brilliant smoothies

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Add a gorgeous smoothie into the mix, like this blueberry version. Mason jars optional.


French toast

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Delicious and decadent french toast to start off the morning. Get the recipe here.


Eggs Benedict

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Isabelle/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr: ipalatin

The perfect lazy brunch food – eggs Benedict. If ham's not your bag, try eggs florentine with spinach, or eggs royale with smoked salmon. Check out the best way to poach an egg here.


Mum pancakes

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Via: Homemade

If you're feeling really creative, whip up some of these pancakes. Get the full how-to and some more ideas here.


Nutella and bacon french toast

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These might not to be the most healthy option, but it's a special occasion after all. And you have to admit, Nutella + bacon + French toast is a pretty hard combination to resist. Get the recipe here.


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