Although it's an object lesson in self control, when details of one woman's day in food hit the internet the result was widespread mirth

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Image: The internet did not take kindly this woman's mad diet

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This week The Telegraph innocently published a "Day on a Plate" feature about juicing impresario Kara Rosen. It was your typical run-of-the-mill healthy smug-off from one very self-controlled lady.


But even though it's January and we are all fighting our own battles, the level of absurdity in her day's meals was just too much for the rest of us to handle. Twitter erupted in mirth.

Anita Singh (who brought the whole palaver to our attention) posted it with some excellent advice

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Many wondered whether perhaps Kara was just confused about the English language

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Soon people were jotting down their very own day in meals

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meal plans

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This intensive care registrar told us how high-powered people really get through the day

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Then there was this lady, who took the whole thing very literally

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Well done internet, well done

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welld one

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