It might have been dessert week on The Great British Bake Off, but there was nothing sweet about last night’s baked alaska meltdown

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Great British Bake Off Diana Bird

Via: The Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC

GBBO contestant Diana Beard: ice-cream saboteur?

The retro baking tent was rocked by ‘bingate’ and a new super ice-cream villain (along with a hashtag) was born. Step forward, Diana Beard.


The WI-style baker removed Iain Watters’ ice cream from the freezer (while it was setting) in the baked alaska showstopper challenge. The Irish bearded builder stormed out amid a melted mess and sulked on a nearby hill. The horror.


By this point, Twitter was raging, crying sabotage as Diana presented her beautiful raspberry ripple baked alaska swan to judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, to rave reviews we might add.


Iain was then asked to present the silver bin in which his pud was now living, which landed him in last place and saw him booted from the show.  Note to self: never bin a bake and the Irishman won’t dob you in.

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Great British Bake Off Iain's Baked Alaska

Via: The Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC

Iain's less-than-frozen ice-cream

Paul, punner-in-chief Sue Perkins and even Iain himself were forced to weigh in and defend dirty Diana last night, with Paul using the ultimate bargaining tool: Mary Berry’s feelings.

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Paul Hollywood Great British Bake Off Tweet

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Sue Perkins Great British Bake Off Tweet

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Great British Bake Off Iain's tweet

Via: Twitter / iain_watters

While 3,500 tweets were clocked up per minute in protest of freezergate on the night of the show (yes, you read that right), the nation, it seems, is still seething.


The baker in question, Diana, told Black Country Radio this morning: “It didn’t happen like that, I found Iain’s ice-cream in my freezer, I asked whose it was and Iain took it away.


We were all given allocated freezer space. Iain hasn’t blamed me at all for this … It was not out of the freezer for more than 40 seconds. I think it was very bad editing.”


It may have shaken our Great British Bake Off beliefs to their very foundations, but whether it was Diana’s fault or not, they better hide those palette knives before next week’s challenge. That’s all we’re saying …


Do you think the right baker left last night? 

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