How many of these foodie milestones can you relate to?

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Image: Foodie signs that you might be a proper grown-up

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The gradual passing of time is not something to be feared, but something to be celebrated, like the maturing of a fine wine. Which is handy, because now you’re a proper grown-up you can tell the difference between a nice one and that tepid vinegar you used to quaff because you could buy three bottles for less than a tenner.


There are unarguable foodie signs that you are growing up, that adulthood has come a-knocking. And there's no going back.


How many of these can you relate to?


A 'good night' is a cheese board and a well-selected chutney 

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Cheese and chutney

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Yes, you could go out to the pub, but there's gouda ripening in the kitchen and it's not going to eat itself, is it?


You buy wine for quality, not quantity

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You used to buy wine based on whatever special offer your local corner shop was touting, but now you're slightly longer in the tooth, wine buying is all about grape variety and sticking with that well-trusted chateaux. Oh, and its propensity to not give you a hangover, which now lasts for days. 


Sunday mornings are now about a nice brunch, reading the papers and popping a free-range cut of meat in the oven 

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After your mid-20s, mornings spent with your head in a toilet start to lose their halcyon gleam. Anyway, there's crackling to attend to. 


You own a rolling pin

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rolling pin

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Gone are the days when you rolled everything out with an empty wine bottle. Now you own a rolling pin and you're not afraid to use it.


There's some sort of carcass in your freezer 

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That hand-reared roast chicken was expensive, so you're obviously going to make the most of it by making some stock aren't you?!


You have a baking cupboard 

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baking cupboard

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The urge for baked good can strike at any time. How on earth could you sleep at night without knowing you have self-raising flour, bicarbonate of soda and some eggs in your store cupboard?


You view instant coffee with pure, unadulterated disdain

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You want an instant coffee? You're better than that.


You're friends with your butcher and baker (and candlestick maker, given half the chance)

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butcher and baker

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Those guys who score my meat for me and give me fresh yeast for free? Yep. Them my peeps. 


You get kind of panicked if there isn’t any cured meat in the house

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cured meat

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But what if guests come round? What will they think?


You know olive oil is not just for cooking with 

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olive oil


You're not sure when it happened, but at some point olive oil got all sassy and decided it wasn't just for cooking with. It was also for popping in tiny little ramekins and serving with balsamic vinegar and bread. Don't fight it. 


You know what gentlemen’s relish actually is 

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Gentlemans relish

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But we're not telling you young 'uns. 



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