Ladies, we salute you and all your cooking prowess. We think you're pretty smokin' too


1. Nigella Lawson

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Via: Nigella Lawson / BBC /

Because what hot foodie list could possible leave her off? The original and the best. Even when she took that frying pan into bed with her that one time, we seriously would. 


2. Hemsley + Hemsley

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Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley are the sister duo behind Hemsley + Hemsley, the food business that provides nutritious home-cooked meals for a bevy of celebrity clients. And they’re also totally babing. Over-achieve much?




3. Gluten Free Rosie 

Via: Instagram /  glutenfreerosie

Rosie gave up on a career in fashion to retrain as a nutritionist and dietitian, but she hasn’t lost any of her fashion clout in the process. She also manages to be gluten-free in the least irritating way possible – no small achievement. 


4. Gizzi Erskine

Via: Instagramgizzierskine

Behold Gizzi Erksine – the food writer, TV presenter and trained chef – in all her beehive-coiffed glory. She looks like the kind of broad who could do your makeup then sink a pint with you down at the pub. We need a bit of that in our lives. 


5. Meringue Girls

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Via: Photo: Meringue Girls: Everything Sweet / Square Peg, Random House

Stacey O'Gorman and Alex Hoffler, the Meringue Girls

Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman produce acid-bright meringues out of their east London bakery and are the punk princesses of baking. We mean, that's not a sentence we'd ever thought we'd write and we're not strictly sure it actually means anything but look at them! Qualified babe stations.




6. Lily Vanilli

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Lily Vanilli is basically even more cute than the beautiful, flower-adorned cupcakes she sells at her bakery in east London. We want to pop her in our pocket and take her home immediately if not sooner. 


7. Ravinder Bhogal 

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Journalist and chef Ravinder Bhogal was not only crowned as Britain’s new Fanny Cradock by Gordon Ramsay, but her cookbook Cook in Boots (Hardback, RRP £45, HarperCollins) won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for the UK's Best First Cookbook, her London pop-up restaurants sell out weekly and she’s completely gorgeous. Quite frankly, we’re in love (and a little exhausted). 


8. Lorraine Pascale

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Via: Lorraine Pascal /

If you need any confirmation that Lorraine Pascale is a confirmed hottie of the foodie world, just ask Chanel or Sports Illustrated where she used to model. If she wasn't also probably the nicest chef on the television and an insanely good cook, we'd probably hate her a little bit. As it stands, we're just crushing. Hard. 


9. Sophie Dahl

Via Instagram / mssophiedahl

Who doesn’t want to be Sophie Dahl? Model, writer, amazing cook and all-round lover of comfort food. Oh, and she can stop traffic. It's hard to argue with that kind of an impact. 


10. Ching-He Huang

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Via: Instagram / chinghehuang

Born in Taiwan to Chinese parents, Ching-He emigrated to South Africa and finally settled in the UK. Her look is as eclectic as her upbringing and she's basically just one of those very wordly, incredibly beautiful megababes. We're not jealous at all so stop looking at us like that. 


11. Mary Berry 

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Via: Great British Bake off / Love Productions / BBC /

Have you seen that twinkle in her eye? Go on. Tell us you don't want to give her a hug. We dare you.


12. Rachel Allen 

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Blonde hair, blue eyes, a cake repetoir to rival Delia and an Irish accent? We mean … phwoar. 


13. Anjum Anand 

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Anjum Anand

She could cook you the best curry you've ever eaten, and then stare at you with those amazing dark exotic eyes. A little bit more appealing than swiping through the average Josephines you typically get on your Tinder profile, no? 




14. Thomasina Miers

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Via: Instagram / Thomasina Miers 

Properly smiley and just really good fun, she's basically the smoking hot babe at school that you actually want to hang out with as well. Swoon.  


15. Delia Smith 

The original TV cooking queen. What a babe.


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