From hair straighteners to compost, with a little imagination there's always a way to cook bacon

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Image: Craziest ways to cook bacon

Barry Lewis via YouTube

Cook bacon with hair straighteners for perfectly flat rashers ...

Bacon. Beautiful bacon. Yes, it's very good. But if you haven't got access to a frying pan, maybe just have a different snack. Or a little sit down. Take up a hobby. The world is your baconless oyster. Don't be these people. Full marks for ingenuitity though. These are some of the completely crazy ways folks have found to cook bacon.

Under the car bonnet

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Apparently this is quite popular. And it makes sense, especially if you can close the bonnet, drive to work, and arrive to a full cooked breakfast. Or not. Someone's even written a whole book about it.


With an iron

If you managed to go all the way to the shops to buy the bacon, then I bet next door there was probably a place where you could be served some bacon. In a restaurant. There were so many options that don't involve the iron.


With hair straighteners

Perfect if you're in a rush. Pop some raw meat into your hair straighteners and you're away. 


With solar power

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Welcome to the future. That's bacon and eggs cooking very, very slowly on a panel heated by the sun. 


In the compost heap

Wonderful. Here's a man trying to cook bacon and eggs in a compost heap.


On an active volcano

Yes, yes. Well spotted. That's actually a marshmallow. This video is just a bonus because we're pretty sure you could cook bacon on an active volcano. Any volunteers?