If you thought you had the sandwich sorted, think again

Sometimes a sandwich isn't just a sandwich. For starters, it doesn't always need bread.


Whether you're a paleo adherent or just looking to shake up your lunchtime routine, breadless sandwiches are the best thing since ... well, sliced bread. Just slice up your favourite veggies – tomatoes, peppers, aubergine – et voilà.


Breadless turkey kale burger

A bell pepper makes a great bun alternative. Fill with anything, from ham or turkey breast to a juicy burger.

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Roasted Portobello mushroom bun 'burger'

Burger without the bread? No problem. Portobello mushrooms are a juicy alternative.

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Apple sandwiches

Spread a round slice of apple with peanut butter and a sprinkle of granola, or make a little apple and cheese sandwich. Perfect for a smug little afternoon snack.

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Dijon chicken club wraps

Who needs bread when you've got lettuce?

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Paleo cucumber sandwich

No, we hadn't realised cucumbers could double as a bread roll either. Just scoop out the seeds and stuff with your favourite fillings. 

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Breadless aubergine sandwich

Veggie heaven starts with aubergine 'bread'.

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Paleo steak sandwich

The bunless sandwich goes gourmet. Oh, yeah.

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Tomato avocado burgers

These tomatoes-as-buns add a burst of colour and juiciness to your burger. Try baby tomatoes and sliders for a cute bread-free canapé.

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Any other breadless sandwich ideas we need to try? Let us know in a comment or tweet us @Homemade