From the lunch obsessive to the cake hound, workplace feasting is riddled with stereotypes

The late riser

You usually forget breakfast or just eat a packet of crisps in the car, because there never seems to be time for a leisurely breakfast. This means you're probably a bit of a mess by 11am. If you're not asking colleagues about their lunch plans you'll be gazing longingly at online menus of restaurants you'll never visit, or be weeping over Pinterest boards stacked with pancakes. Your boss is asking for input, but you can't hear because you're eating the rubber end of your pencil while fantastising about cheese.

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The inquisitor

It's 12.30 and like a lone wildebeest venturing towards the watering hole, one colleague has made the brave journey to the microwave. The food envy it inspires makes you dizzy. You can't stop asking questions. How did they make it? What does it taste like? Can you smell it up close? If you are unlucky enough to be the one being drilled for lunch info it's no fun: the 40 eyes boring into the back of your head will make your lunch 'al desko' a stressful experience.

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The office stinker

You hardly need to be reminded how unpopular you're going to be when you warm up last night's tuna pasta. Other sneaky foods have a special talent for hanging in the air like a plug-in fragrance. If you are packing egg, curry or anything featuring minced lamb to warm up, think twice. Do you want to stay friends with your co-workers?

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smelly food

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The cake hound

In every office you will encounter someone with a baking hobby, and a friend with a baking tin is a friend indeed. Even if you despise every other soul in your office, try and keep your disdain under control with this one; there will always be leaving parties and there will always be birthdays, which means there will be cake. The nicer you are the more likely you'll get in on that all-important cake email. 

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The labeller

As much as your milk going missing five times a day might be frustrating, try to remain calm. You may want to write a gentle reminder about personal property, but once you get that marker pen in your hand it’s hard to stop it from going to your head. Things can quickly escalate. Before you know it you’ve waged a passive-aggressive fridge war. Trust us, you don’t want to be the one who started it. 

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Bon appétit!