Beware: you won’t be able to unsee these

When it comes to pizza – a truly divine gift from the food gods – it really is best to make like the Italians and keep things simple. Perfectly cooked sourdough base, tangy and rich tomato sauce, melting mozzarella and basil; how can you possibly improve on perfection?


But there are those in this world who didn’t quite get the memo and have been systematically attempting to ruin pizza’s good name by adding an litany of baffling and, at times, downright revolting toppings. Sacrilege. 


Here are the 10 most heinous crimes ever to be committed to pizza. Warning: you cannot unsee these.


Chip pizza

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Chips? Good. Pizza? Good. Chip pizza? Oh, hell no.


Sweet potato mousse and nacho flake pizza

Where do we begin? The potato gold pizza from Korean pizza chain Mr Pizza has a sweet potato mousse crust (we don't know either) topped with beef, corn, potato wedges, soured cream, mushrooms, bacon and nacho chip flakes. Anyone got a bucket we can vomit into?


Spaghetti pizza

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Two rights do not always make a right pizza. So carby and so so wrong.


Spam pizza

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Even putting it on top of a pizza wouldn’t make spam something we’re in a mad hurry to eat. Just leave well alone.


McDonald's pizza 

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Not even after the biggest session of drinking we've ever had. Well, maybe.


Mac and cheese pizza

As filling as the spaghetti pizza, but with more cheese and white sauce. We’d have to be rolled home after this one.


Taco pizza

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Taco pizza

Via: Instagram/Pizza

No no no no no no no no no no no. Desist. Immediately. 


Lobster pizza

Because there’s nothing like an enormous, impenetrable lobster shell to really ruin your pizza experience, is there?


Doughnut pizza 

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You filthy, filthy little piglet.


Scotch egg pizza

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“You know what this pizza is missing? A hard boiled egg surrounded by sausage meat and breadcrumbs,” said no in the world, ever.


Pizza on pizza

On pizza on pizza? It’s all gone a bit meta and we’re definitely sure we don’t like it. 


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