Think you know how to eat a chocolate biscuit or operate a drinks carton? Think again

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Image: Simple food hacks that will change your life

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Just for the hull of it ...

Cutting a cake or eating a chocolate digestive (or two) sounds simple enough, right? 'Fraid not. We have news. Big news, 


Turns out we've been prepping our fruit and eating those sweet treats the wrong way for, well, forever. It’s time to master some new methods – and not waste the best bits.


Prepare to be (slightly) amazed.

Oh crumbs

What: chocolate digestives
The wrong way: eating it chocolate side up
The right way: the chocolate should be on the bottom. We know, weird, right? McVitie's parent company United Biscuits have confirmed the cold, hard truth but the reason why still remains a mystery. This has quite literally turned our world upside down

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McVitie's chocolate biscuits

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Smooth operator

What: pouring juice
The wrong way: having the spout on the bottom leads to glugging and splashes
The right way: flip the carton so the spout is on the top for a smoother pour

Via: YouTube / CrazyRussianHacker 


A piece of cake

What: slicing a cake
The wrong way: unless you eat a whole cake in one sitting (please say that's not just us) cutting it from the centre into wedges (like a pie chart) risks leaving the exposed cake dry and hard = wasted cake
The right way: cutting slices out of the middle means you can push the remaining sections back together and devour it later

Via: YouTube / Numberphile2


Let's spoon

What: peeling ginger
The wrong way: using a knife means you'll waste a lot of that gingery goodness
The right way:  a spoon (yes, a spoon) will peel off the skin with ease and leave you with more ginger. Don't believe us watch this.

Via: YouTube / Maximum Salad


Berry good

What: how to hull a strawberry
The wrong way: using a knife will waste half the fruit
The right way:  pushing a drinking straw through the bottom of the berry will leave the edible bit intact. Simply genius 

Via: YouTube / SafewayInc