Next time we've got a spare week (or three) on our hands, we're definitely trying some of these

Have you stopped crying yet? Or perhaps you are trying to avoid everyone in your news feed conspiring to give away ALL THE SPOILERS. Either way, Season 5 is gone, it's done. OVER.  

But guess what? You can relive all the magic once more with these Game of Thrones-inspired treats. Well played Pinterest, well played.


Chocolate wax seals

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And why not? Excellent idea.


Dragon egg cookies

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Yes, these are amazing. But just looking at them makes us feel tired. They had to be sprayed with an airbrush gun for heaven's sake.


Ned Stark cake pops

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Poor old Ned. Poor old anyone trying to recreate these


Hatching chocolate dragon eggs

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Oh sure. Just whizz that one up. Learn how over here.


Sansa's lemon cakes

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Poor old Sansa and her lemon cakes. Check out how over here.


An entire stallion heart

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Yuuuuuuum. Actually this one is probably pretty delicious. It's a red velvet cupcake, courtesy of the amazing folk over at Inn at the Crossroads.


Direwolf cake

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The next best thing to having your own Direwolf. Check out the recipe here.


And of course, a Weirwood Tree

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For how else will we pray to the old gods and the new? More magical deliciousness over here.