Would you pit yourself against these canapé creations?

You might think you're an adventurous cook, but you don't know true culinary creativity until you've carved a tiny creature out of your afternoon snack.


Yes, olive art is a thing – and it might just be cuter than incredible latte art, epic sushi art or any of the other adorable edibles dreamed up by bloggers with too much time on their hands.



Olive you, people of the internet.


Olive snake

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Like all the best lunches, this is simple, tasty and just the right side of terrifying.


Olive penguins

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Pretty much 'Olive Art 101', these salty little mozzarella fellas have waddled across many a Pinterest board and party plate. Just don't leave them next to the oven, or you'll end up with (Pin)goo. 


Olive spiders

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Once you've mastered the olive penguin, it's time to graduate on to these creepy-crawly olive spiders. Perfect for Halloween, kids' parties or in-laws you don't like very much. 


Olive penguin crackers

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Are your olive penguins looking more sinister than salty-sweet? Try this easier 'lying-down' variation and pretend they've just watched a plane fly overhead.


Olive panda

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Do you know what's easier than painstakingly gluing bits of olive together with a piping bag full of cheese? Arranging a heap on a plate and calling it a day!


Sorry, a panda. Calling it a panda.


Tomato and olive ladybirds

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Why should olives have all the fun? Get the baby toms involved! The kids will rue the day they ever called your caprese salad starter 'boring'.


Olive bees

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"Pass the cheesy bees please!" you'll say, and it'll be totally worth the hour you've spent assembling them. 


Olive and feta flag

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Greece flag made from olives and feta

WHYBIN/TBWA / Sydney International Food Festival / via: twistedsifter.com

It's not just bloggers who've embraced the creative potential of the humble kalamata. Ad agency WHYBIN/TBWA created this beauty for the Sydney International Food Festival, proving that Greece really is the word.


Olive owls

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Olive owls! The pinnacle of appetiser art as we know it.


You won't be able to stop at one or twooo. 

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