It's that time of the week again. The time where we spend far too much time on YouTube finding the best videos for your pleasure

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Image: Our top 5 food videos of the week featuring

Via YouTube / GoPro 

This week is a bit of a wildlife special. We have a bear snacking on a camera, a tiny dog defending his dinner, and some very fishy behaviour. Don't worry - we haven't gone completely animal crackers. We've also got a video showing a few novel ways of preparing a banana.

Feast your eyes on these treats, as we present our top five videos of the week. 

1. Hungry bear

This bear was so intent on having a snack, it tried to scoff the camera secretly filming it.

We know how this grizzly feels. Every day around 3pm we feel hungry enough to nibble on just about anything.

Via YouTube / GoPro 

2. Tiny dog defends his dinner

This is the strongest evidence yet that size doesn't matter. 

Especially when it comes to a dog's dinner.

Via YouTube / Kenny Grant

3. Fish go flying

Whenever you think you are having a bad day - just remember you're not this guy. 

Getting a crate of dead fish dumped over your head is going to a downer for anyone. Except possibly a sea lion.

Via YouTube / Tony Johns

4. Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell. All of them do

All these guys LOVE Taco Bell. And they just happened to be called Ronald McDonald. 

What are the chances?

5. Bananas for bananas

Eating a banana just by peeling it? Are you crazy?!

Watch this video, be inspired, and never eat a banana in the same way again. 

Via YouTube / BuzzFeedYellow