Argh! It's Valentine's but you've done nothing and have nothing. Luckily we've found some genius quick and cheap hacks. You're welcome

No money? Roast potato hearts

There are few people out there who don't love a fluffy-inside, crispy-outside roastie. And cut into hearts with a heart-shaped cookie cutter? Genius, my friends.

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No money? Apple roses

Roses are a rip off and violets ain't cheap, so whip up this awesome apple rose tart. If you've got no time either use ready-made custard and a shop-bought pastry case. Ready in a jiffy. 

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No time? Heart-shaped pizza

Take some scissors to a ready-made pizza base and cut into a rough heart-shape. Do the same for toppings such as salami, ham, mozzarella and even pineapple.


Psst ... apparently you can order a heart-shaped pizza from Domino's any time (they're such a romantic bunch).




No time? Candyfloss cava

Stuff a glass with candyfloss, pour over something fizzy (like cava) and it'll bubble away like a lava lamp. Now that looks cool by candlelight. It works with sparkling water too, in case your date's teetotal.

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Candyfloss Cava



No money? Eggy bread with a difference

Cut a heart shape into a piece of toast, pop it in a frying pan and crack an egg into the middle. Fry until it's how your loved one likes it, then serve with a flourish and a rose between your teeth (just kidding). Don't throw the middle bit away – it's ideal for dunking.

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No money? Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Cheaper than your average box of chocolates and more tasty too. Watch the vid here.

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No time? Raspberry Prosecco cocktail

3 ingredients: raspberries, cassis, Prosecco. Done. 

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Raspberry Prosecco cocktail


No money? Cupid's arrow canapés

Use plum tomatoes, mozzerella or even sausages to make these cheap cupid-style nibbles, ready to dunk into a near-instant red pepper dip.

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No time? Personalised wine label

A bottle of wine from the offy is more than a cop out. But with a personalised declaration of love? *swoon*  At Spotty Spoon, you can do it all online and print it off before you leave the office. Oh, you shouldn't have ...

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Stuck for Valentine's Day gift ideas?

Take a sneak peek at your other half's Pinterest account. Those wonderwalls are long wish lists waiting to be plundered. Plus, most will link to the relevant web page so you can buy online straight away. Phew