Bacon roses. Tomato tulips. Daffodil biscuit pops. Decorative and delicious, flowers made of food win Mother's Day!

Whether you're stuck for a Mother's Day gift or just want to thank god it's spring, say it with flowers. Edible flowers, that is.

Bacon roses

A bouquet even the guys will fall for.

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Tomato tulips

Plum tomatoes, mashed potato and spring onions. Oh you're so inventive, you. 

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Flower dodgers

A more artful jammy dodger there never was. Just the biscuit to get you out of a jam.

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Hydrangea bouquet

A labour of love to put together, but blooming well worth it all the same.

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Daisy sugar lumps

The most delicate "lumps" we've ever seen.

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Rose buttercream biccies

Well, it was high time the custard cream got a revamp.


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Buttercup cupcakes

Worth the build-up. These buttercup cake-toppers are actually slices of dried pineapple – amazing!

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Daisy angel eggs

Who could call these eggs "devilled" when they're so pretty? Make the dip in the centre by mixing the egg yolks with mayo, mustard and a touch of paprika or use this recipe instead.

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Daffodil biscuit pops

Put that star-shaped biscuit cutter to some proper use and make these cheerful blooms.

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Sunflower sandwiches

A happy meeting of yellow pepper, reduced-fat cheese and wholemeal bread. Because, you know, we've got time on our hands.

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Potted chocolate cheesecakes

If flowers aren't your thing, here's a chocolate cheesecake pot with ground cookie soil and a mint sprig plant to keep you happy. Or pretty chuffed, actually. 

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Potted chocolate cheesecake