One ticket to the ninja village please!

Over in Tokyo, Ninja Akasaka, a ninja-themed restaurant, is doing a roaring trade.


Guests are led through the winding cobbled passageways of an "ancient Japanese castle" before arriving, under a waterfall, in "Ninja Village". Oh come on. Don't pretend you don't want to go.

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ninja restaurant

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Themed restaurants are nothing new in Japan, but this one takes things that extra bit more seriously. These guys have pulled out all the stops for the ultimate, albeit utterly bonkers, dining experience.


After you give the gatekeeper the secret password, ninjas emerge from the darkness to lead you on your adventure. There's even a disintegrating bridge, Indiana Jones style! It's no wonder there's a special signed plaque from Steven Spielberg's visit, or that it's a regular haunt of Lady Gaga.

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Ninja restaurant dessert

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Ninjas sneak up to your table bearing menus on ancient scrolls, weapons are cutlery and at the end there's apparently "a real surprise with a sword and a grapefruit". What a treat.

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bonsai cake

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All the food is ninja-themed. Which means there are "Throwing Stars" flambeed at the table, a cake that looks like a bonsai tree and dessert served in a spooky black box pouring dry ice.


The whole place has a 17th century Edo village vibe going on. Lots of wooden drawbridges, waterwalls, cobbled floors and ninjas popping up all over the shop: from under the table, from the ceiling, even out of the water. 


To cap it all off, at the end each table gets a visit from The Magician, an illusionist who puts the cherry on an already baffling and spectacular cake.


Sign us up, please!

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ninja restaurant

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