Marketed squarely at women, the protein-enriched brew is called Precious. Of course it is …

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"I'll have some of that nice, cold collagen beer, thanks …"

Well, thank goodness. It's finally here. How long have we ladies been saying, "This beer is nice, but I wish it had some collagen in it …"?

Japanese conglomorate Suntory has brought out a new beer, brewed to 5% alcohol by volume and containing two grams of collagen per can. Marketed specifically at women, the beer is – bafflingly – called Precious. 

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oriconofficial Via Youtube

Collagen is the naturally occurring protein that keeps our skin plump and supple. It depletes as we get older, which is one of the reasons we get wrinkles. Even though there's no medical evidence that ingesting collagen has any proven benefits, it's quite a common practice in Japan (some people even add it to their noodles). It's so common, in fact, that one restaurant, ZenyaRen in Tokyo, serves grilled skewers of meat in frozen collagen gelatin. 

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The new advert for Precious features a famous Japanese model and her friends – just an average gang of gals, enjoying collagen beer – when a cool male comedian arrives to give his opinion.

Admittedly it's all in Japanese, but what that nice young man is saying is, "Guys can tell if a girl’s taking collagen or not!" OK, then …