Funny, we've never spotted this one at Wimbledon

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Well it looks berry pretty, anyway

Strawberries and ice-cream, that classic summer combo. Haven't we always wished there were more ways we could squish it into our day? Strawberries for breakfast, strawberries for lunch … strawberries in a curry … we all wish that, right?

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Cafe Latino strawberry curry

Photo: Cafe Latino

Well, some people do. Enough to make the signature dish of strawberry curry at Tokyo's Cafe Latino a bona fide hit. Serving up three whole helpings of strawbs in one colourful dish, we're not just talking a token kooky garnish here – it's enough fruit to make a proper dent in your five-a-day. And the customers can't get enough.


Meanwhile, the restaurant's ice-cream curry is what would happen if a coke float and a Wagamama takeaway decided to have a baby: a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, floating in a boat of spicy curry sauce, poured over rice.


And to think, we thought peanut-butter Cornettos were really pushing the envelope.

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Ice cream curry

Photo: Cafe Latino /

We all scream for ice-cream curry! Though maybe for different reasons

As usual, our pals in Japan might be a few years (or eons) ahead of us on this taste sensation. But when we put apricots in tagines and pineapple in stir-fries, can strawberry curry really be such a big leap? RocketNews24 claims that the berries used in the dish are tart rather than sweet, which helps them work in harmony with the curry flavour rather than tasting like someone had a terrible accident at a 'pick your own'.


As the Beatles almost sang, strawberry meals forever. Though sadly the curry is only available during Japan's strawberry season (November to May, although the best time to pick is January to March), so we'll have to content ourselves with the ice-cream concoction instead. 


Fiery spice and cooling pud in one mouthful! When you think about it, it's just incredibly efficient.

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