Because who hasn't thought their bottle of water needed some underwear?

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Image: Meanwhile, in Japan... we're all buying pants for our bottles


Bottle-pants for everybody!

Sometimes there's an invention so simple, so obvious and so perfect that the world reels from how they could have come so far without it. And then sometimes, there's a pair of pants made specifically for your water bottle.


Bearing in mind that the time, money and resources of the grown-up human beings that have gone into creating these, Japanese company Kitan Club has started producing tiny pants to protect the modesty of bottles. 

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Costing 200 yen, which is about £1, these 'bottle panties', 'bottle underpants' or 'bottle of your pants' are sold in vending machines and via the Kitan Club website.


There are seven colour options: leopard print, ruffles, strawberries, plain white, stripes, polka dot and a mystery option.


They're currently only available for 500ml bottles, which means any other bottles will have to stand as nature intended: naked and exposed. Oh the shame.



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