No humans will be allowed in Japan's first stuffed animal cafe

Humans aren't allowed through the door of Yawarakan's Cafethe newest dining phenomenon opening in Tokyo on 28 July.


However, Paddington Bear, Peppa Pig and Peter Rabbit are all welcome.


Introducing Japan's latest trend: a cafe designed for stuffed animal patrons … exclusively.

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Animals smoothies

Photo: Facebook/Yawarakan's Cafe

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Stuffed animal cafe

Photo: Facebook/ Yawarakan's Cafe

According to RocketNews24here's how it works: all diners are required to have a reservation, and need to be posted to the cafe overnight (no animals larger than palm-sized will be admitted, unfortunately). 


Once inside, your special soft toy friend is treated to a number of perks starting with a mixed-berry smoothie made by chef Hebi-chan the snake.


Then Karei, the stuffed flounder who owns the joint, will prepare a delicious and personalised rice omelette, finished with your animal's name written in ketchup.


For pudding? How about a stack of 10 pancakes with maple syrup and a cup of house blend coffee made with half Peruvian and half Tasmanian beans, served by Saru Hasegawa, a stuffed monkey.


Boy, these plush toys are really getting the VIP treatment.

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Stuffed animal pancakes

Photo: Facebook/Yawarakan's Cafe

The package also includes entertainment: playing cards with the staff, listening to ghost stories and getting a bedtime story read before spending the night.


Your plush pal then gets mailed home with souvenirs, including a coaster, brown sugar cube and photo album with access to photos from the dining experience included. 


All this for the bargain price of 4,968 yen (that's about £26)? You can sign us up – although the restaurant's twice-monthly dining nights are already booked up through September.


Looks like it will have to be a plain old teddy bear's picnic for us, then.

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Animals sleeping

Photo: Facebook/Yawarakan's Cafe

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