Fill your feed with a taste of the hippest names in NYC

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Via: Instagram / Marcus Nilsson

Style, food, design – if a trend happened here, you can bet your bottom dollar it probably happened in New York first. 


The US hub of all things cool and now has brought us the craft coffee obsession, the stripped-back, exposed piping look so beloved of restaurants and those aerial, littered-table Instagram shots mastered by every blogger worth their clicks. 


So if you want to keep up on what's about to become massive in our fair isle, it just makes sense to keep half an eye on our Big Apple-dwelling cousins. 


Presenting, for your delectation and delight: the most delicious NY foodies to get following. 


Warning: NSFBL (not safe for before lunch). 

1. @danielkrieger

​This Brooklyn-based photographer's shots are beautiful, naturally. But the best part of his feed are the insider glimpse of New York's new restaurant openings, hero dishes and artfully snapped cocktails. 

2. @noleftovers_

​A woman on the (very chic) NY ground. Stomping around trying out all that's new and delicious, this feed curates the lot in a series of sensational pics. If you didn't want a cookie dough ice cream sandwich before clicking on her, you will very soon. 

3. @aguynamedpatrick

Cracked crab claws in a pot of broth, freshly stuffed Vietnamese baguettes, beef short ribs with kimchi... there's something for every taste on this man-about-town's feed. Divine. 

4. @alice_gao

Super-clean, super-minimalist style from this NY photographer. Dreamy. 

5. @eggcanvas

​It makes sense that the digital art director at Barneys New York is pretty, well, arty. And her Insta feed does not let her down – iced cortardo coffees, stylish brunch spreads and green-tea-everything. 

6. @camillebecerra

A chef at the fêted Navy restaurant, Camille's all about vibrant, seasonal produce, dainty edible flowers and the hottest pop-ups in town. 

7. @onceuponabite

Do you like bagels? Do you like cheese? Then follow this account immediately.

 8. @hungrygrls

​What it says on the tin. The pair behind this account are all about finding the sexiest, filthiest bacon-covered treats that their city has to offer. Luckily for us, there's a near-never-ending supply. 

9. @alifewortheating

"I travel to eat and drink coffee," proclaims this roving photographer's bio. Jealous, us?

10. @pissinginthepunchbowl

Another photographer (we know, took you by surprise there) who works on some of the States' most respected foodie mags. Vivid colour and behind-the-scenes glimpses will make your scrolls all sorts of spectacular. 



And, of course, don't forget to follow Homemade on Instagram for all sorts of foodie inspiration and ideas @homemadebyyou 

And, of course, don't forget to follow Homemade on Instagram for all sorts of foodie inspiration and ideas @homemadebyyou