The latest food trend is all about bars which serve sweet treats. We couldn't be happier

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Image: Why you should ditch your dinner reservation for a late-night dessert bar

Turn your own home into a super-trendy pudding bar with these strawberry jelly cups

Fed up of joining restaurant queues of trendy locals that stretch onto the street and out of sight? Ditch dinner and head out for some late-night pudding instead – after all, isn’t that what you’ve always wanted to do since you were a child?

Ruby Violet, Tufnell Park, North London

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Style: a mix of 1950s kitchenette, rustic timber, and sparkling glitz
Wear: think high waisted jeans and tie top
Take: your girlfriends
Eat: a scoop (or two) of gin and tonic ice cream, or the Baked Alaska
Drink: more ice cream
Do say: “Do you have a scoop of…”
Don’t say:  “Ice cream gives me brain freeze”
Price: From


The Pudding Bar, Soho, London

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Style: Scandi-cool grey walls and rustic wood tables
Wear: your hipster best
Take: a date
Eat: s’more cheesecake
Drink: Prosecco
Do say: “It's OK to have dessert at 9am, right?”
Don’t say: “I’m in the mood for something savoury”
Price: desserts from

Pollen Street Social, London

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Style: white walls, linen drapes – an intimate spot to impress
Wear: your highest heels
Take: girlfriend / boyfriend
Eat: chocolate marquise with praline (you don't have to have a full meal, you can just eat desserts at the bar)
Drink: a glass of bubbly
Do say: “Can I try some of yours?” Yes, the desserts are that good.
Don’t say: "Shall we get one between two?"
Price: From £10

The Pudding Club, Cotswolds

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Style: traditional country-style
Wear: something with a bit of give. You will be served seven puddings after all
Take: a friend
Eat: traditional British puds with lashings of custard (just like the ones your gran would have made)
Drink:  a lot of water
Do say: “Can I come again next week?”
Don’t say: “I’m full”
Price: £36.50


After Hours

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After Hours Dessert Bar

Via After Hours 

Style:  cool coffee bar
Wear: keep it casual
Take: some friends
Eat: a four-course dessert menu
Drink: a cocktail
Do say: “Who made this?” They have some great guest chefs (The Fat Duck and The Ledbury, for example)
Don’t say:  “I didn’t book tickets.” You won't get in without one
Price: £25


William Curley

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Style: the elegance of afternoon tea minus the finger sandwiches
Wear:  French chic
Take: your mum
Eat: a five-course menu of sweet treats (look out for the cherry blossom panna cotta)
Drink: a glass of bubbly
Do say: “Let’s get there early” They don’t take bookings.
Don’t say: “Do you have any Victoria sponge?”
Price: £50 for two

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