Breaking news: a man has cooked a mini breakfast in a mini kitchen. Brilliant!

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Image: Say hello to the world’s smallest breakfast cooked on a tiny stove.

Via YouTube / AAAjoken

Stop what you’re doing. Forget about those hot new openings and Cadbury’s latest attempts to ruin our favourite chocolate bars because this, dear readers, is real news.


YouTuber AAAjoken has taken some Japanese mini kitchen toys and only gone and cooked a full English on them. Hell yeah.


Showcasing some amazing skills in using small spaces and tealights, the breakfast genius used a tiny quail's egg, a miniature sausage, a few drops of olive oil, some milk tea powder and water as well as some tiny equipment that would make the Borrowers turn green with envy.


Basically, the mini brekkie rules.


Behold the wonders of the tiny breakfast cooked in a tiny kitchen. 

Via YouTube / AAAjoken

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