Who needs a corkscrew when you have a shoe and a hammer, anyway?

Picture this: it's been a long day, you’re about to open a well-deserved bottle of wine and – to your horror – you can’t find the corkscrew.


What do you do? Well, before you throw a tantrum or swap your bottle of red for a depressingly warm beer, stay calm because help is on the way.

After all, desperate times call for desperate measures:

The shoe method:

CrazyRussianHacker via YouTube


The key method:

CrazyRussianHacker via YouTube


The book and wall method:

Kristin Espinasse via YouTube


The bike pump method:

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How to open a bottle of wine with a bike pump

Hamel Family Wines via Vimeo


The screw and pliers method:

foodbeastTV via YouTube


The knife method:

Nick Laffey via YouTube


The pen and apron method (yes, you read that right):

knifesedge via YouTube


The hammer and nails method:

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The last resort (otherwise known as the screwdriver method): 

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Wine bottle screwdriver

foodbeastTV via YouTube