A recipe so magically simple you won't believe it's possible

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Image: Homemade Tries: Shaking cream into butter

Shake shake shake

How easy is it to turn cream into butter? Very. You just need a large bottle and a decent set of biceps. Here's how you do it …


Get your hands on a big plastic bottle

And a pair of the muscliest arms around. Unfortunately, Tom Hardy wasn't available (sigh) so we had to borrow Homemade's brawniest employees, Lisa and Lucy.

Fill your bottle with standard double cream. About 200ml of double cream will make roughly 100g of butter. Don't fill it up too much – it needs room to move.

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lucy shaking

Gif: Homemade


Then shake it like a Polaroid picture!

We're not going to pretend this is easy on the arms – just think what definition you'll have in those guns, though – so you might need someone to help out. It takes between 5 to 7 minutes and et voilà, it's whipped cream. Magic. 

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lucy shaking 1

Gif: Homemade


But keep going...

But we're not making Eton mess, so push on through that whipped cream. Keep going for about another 5 to 7 minutes and you've just made yourself butter. Seriously.


Strain off the wet stuff

That's the buttermilk. You can even keep it and make these pancakes if you're feeling properly foodie, or dispose of it. Then cut the bottle in half and tip out your butter. Add a sprinkle of sea salt to taste, place your hands on the nearest toasted crumpet and spread generously. 

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Gif: Homemade


There you have it: homemade butter

​You are left with heaps of delicious creamy butter to show off about.

Have you given any of our Homemade tries a go? Tell us how you got on in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade

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end gid

Gif: Homemade

(Mmmm. Crumpets.)