Just about the most satisfying thing we've ever done

When we heard that you can separate egg yolks from egg whites using just a plain old plastic water bottle, we couldn't wait to give it a try. 


What sorcery is this, we thought. The egg yolk just sucks up into the bottle? But how? And why? And can we try?

So the science behind this, frankly magical, trick, is that you squeeze a little air out of the bottle and when you relax your grip the yolk gets sucked in. Pretty nifty. 

Step 1

You will need:

  • Some eggs
  • Two bowls
  • A plastic water bottle

Step 2

Drink the water. Hydration is important and you need the bottle to be empty.

Step 3

Crack the eggs into one bowl. Place the second empty bowl right next door. Gently squeeze a little air out of the bottle, place the neck gently over the yolk and relax your grip slightly.

Step 4

Scream with excitement as the yolk whooshes into the bottle. Move to the empty bowl and gently squeeze the bottle to release the yolk. 

Step 5

Repeat until you've shown everyone in the house. Consider showing some strangers. Marvel at the power of science. Eat eggs.