Impress the one you love with with this bouquet of bacon joy

It is a simple fact of life (unless you're vegetarian – please don't give these to a vegetarian) that everybody loves bacon. How could you not? 


When Valentine's comes around not all of us find it easy to express our unbridled love in a totally sincere way. Because roses can be cheesy. But bacon roses? They're bacon-y. 


Here's how to surprise the love of your life with the prettiest and tastiest bouquet of all.

You will need

1-2 bunches of fake plastic roses or any flowers mounted on plastic stems

1 rasher of streaky bacon for each rose you want to make

One wooden cocktail stick for each rose, soaked in water

An oven

Step 1

Remove a flower head from its stalk, being sure to leave enough green stalk to use as a spike for your bacon. 

Report image
flowers off


Step 2

Roll a rasher of streaky bacon and pin with one of the cocktail sticks you've soaked in water.

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rolling bacon


Step 3

Place on a baking tray (or grill pan, using cocktail sticks to suspend your bacon flowers) and cook in the oven at 190°C for half an hour or until the bacon is golden and cooked through. The cocktails sticks will burn a bit, so keep an eye on them to make sure they're not getting too charred.

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bacon appears


Step 4

Allow the bacon to cool. Remove the cocktail sticks and poke a plastic stem through the base of your bacon rose.

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stem bacon


Et voilà! A beautiful bunch of salty meaty flowers (hunk not included).

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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final roses