It's Monday again! And there's so much to look forward to this week, starting 27 April

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Pack your week full of things to do

Welcome back! Great weekend? A huge congratulations if you were running the London Marathon, and a big well done if you were doing absolutely anything else. But now it's another lovely Monday, and there's so much to get excited about this week. Here's our top five: 


Queue up for cake

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The Pump Street Bakery is popping up in Shoreditch from Tuesday 28 April until Sunday 3 May. We're going to go and get in line now for six of their delicious eccles cakes. 


Eat good food, feel good about life

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mazi mas

Via Facebook / EatMaziMas

Head down to Ovalhouse for Mazí Mas, a new restaurant that employs migrant and refugee women. Serving not only amazing food from around the world, the restaurant also does invaluable work by supporting the community of women to find safe, stable employment at the same time. Mazí Mas at Ovalhouse is open from 6pm to 10pm, Tuesday to Saturday until 30 May. 


Eat spinach

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Spinach is officially in season this week. Grab some of these delicious spinach recipes and celebrate the slow but steady progress towards summer. 


Follow Alice down the rabbit hole

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You won't regret following brilliant theatre company Les Enfants Terribles down the rabbit hole for their fantastic Alice in Wonderland experience, at the Waterloo Vaults. Choose 'eat me' or 'drink me' and prepare to be totally immersed as music, circus, food and theatre join forces for the maddest tea party of them all. By night Alice's Adventures Underground is the grown up version, complete with bar and live band til 2am. By day experience the magical family friendly children's version Adventures in Wonderland for what might be the best children's theatre we've ever seen.


Make cake

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With summer feeling ever closer, we're all about the easy-peasy no-bake desserts. Like this amazing vegan and gluten-free blueberry cheesecake.


What are you doing this weekend? Can we come?