Great British Bake Off superfans have been getting creative in the art department. And some of them are slightly disturbing

There are GBBO fans. And then there are the superfans. You know, the ones who cradle the TV when the show is on, nuzzle the screen a little when Paul Hollywood appears, and then cry a tear of joy as the week's showstoppers are unveiled. 


We're guessing those seven days in between each show can be a little quiet, so that's why these viewers have picked up pen and paper to create their own impression of the GBBO crew, just to tide them over until the next episode. And definitely not to sleep with under their pillows at night, no sireee...


Here's a look at some of the most, um, interesting artistic impressions out there.

1. #squadgoals

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The gang (2012)

Via: Felicity Grace / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: 60255010@N00​

Ahh, this (actually quite brilliant) montage harks back to the golden era of GBBO 2012: John Whaite, James Morton and Mel & Sue and... another lady, top left? Anyone remember her name? What a time to be alive.


2.  Paul & Mary

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Like gullible tourists sidetracked outside Notre Dame, Paul and Mary have both been immortalised in caricature form.


3. On a cake binge

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Paul and Mary on cake

Via: Etsy / ShedThreeStudio

What's sweeter? This picture, or the cake they're sitting on?


4. Bakespotting

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We're not quite sure what Irvine Welsh would make of his tale of junkies in Edinburgh switched up to feature bakers of Middle England...


5. Hollywood glamour

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Paul Black and White

Via: Twitter / KirstyBenn96

Is it wrong to fancy this picture a little bit? OK, moving on swiftly...


6. Sketchy Hollywood

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Scribbled in a notebook while the show was on. Is this true love?


7. Mary Bakewell

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Mary Berry or Camilla Parker-Bowles? Come to think of it, have they ever been seen in room together?


8. Fists of floury

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Mary Cake Ninja

Via: Twitter / RickEadesComics

High-kicking Mez Bez is our ultimate superhero.


9. Mez we can!

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Mezza gets the Shepard Fairey treatment. Mezza for president of the world! 


10. Scary Mary

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Mary Scary

Via: Twitter / SeeFarEnough

Even the creator of this was terrified with the result.


11. Double trouble

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Ahh, Mel & Sue captured in their beaming glory. 


12. BFFs

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Mel and Sue too

Via: / EmilyS_127

Out of shot: two buns that Mel's just given a cheeky squeeze.


13. A Perky little number

Sue: by far the favoured target for GBBO fan art.

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