The best foods to salute the red, white and blue

Now, just because Brits don't celebrate Independence Day, doesn't mean they can't appreciate certain aspects of it (in a "keep calm and carry on", stiff upper-lipped sort of way).


Especially when it comes to food. And patriotism. And turning every food into the shape of an American flag.


Well, you know how much Brits love over-the-top displays. Kidding! (They don't.) And patriotic red, white and blue foods? Sure to be met with an eye roll.


It's a good thing Americans are too busy enjoying themselves to pay attention, especially when there's the prospect of a good party with delicious food. While most Independence Day dishes are pretty tame by US standards (hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken, potato and macaroni salads, apple pie, watermelon), we Americans can't resist serving up some stars-and-stripes-themed dishes for our friends and family.


Check out these gorgeous, crazy and fun foodie ways to get in on the 4 July action…


Red, white and blue chocolate-dipped strawberries

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What's even better than strawberries? Strawberries dipped in white chocolate. And then sprinkled with edible glitter.



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We've seen some pretty OTT 4 July desserts, but this one really takes the cake (pun intended): it's a cherry, blueberry and apple pie baked together in a three-layer cake.


Patriotic panna cotta shooters

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These look too good to eat. Almost.


Red, white and blue pinwheel icebox cookies

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We never need an excuse for cookies.


Patriotic layered taco dip

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As Tex-Mex as it gets, this dish has sour cream, shredded cheese and black beans. All you need is a bag of blue corn chips.


Rice Krispie treats

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Because how can you not turn your Rice Krispie squares into US flags on Independence Day?


Peanut butter flag dip

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We're starting to realise we don't have enough flag-shaped dishes in our repertoire. Handy for impressing guests.


Stained-glass jelly

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​Brits say 'jelly', Americans say 'jello'. But we can universally agree that, whatever it's called, it's tasty. Fun and festive, these stained-glass stars appeal to kids and adults alike (and they'll easily be the most stylish jelly shots anyone's ever served).


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