You will never find happiness at the bottom of a bottle – but these cheeky wine labels ensure you can find something to laugh about

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Image: Finally, wine labels that speak the truth

Photo: Twitter/VinePair

Warning: these bottles hit back ... 

Well, these humorous wine labels certainly give new meaning to the phrase "In vino veritas".


If our wine bottles could talk, we're pretty sure they'd have a lot to say. Such as:


"Put down the phone before your drunk dial."


"Yes, have another glass or three. It will make tomorrow's presentation SO MUCH BETTER."


"Dancing on the bar is a great idea. Promise."


Well, thanks to the clever folks at Vinepair, honest wine bottle labels have arrived.

Some of our favourites?


"You're turning into your mother."


"Drink me and call your lover."


"'Single by choice' is totally a thing."

Unfortunately, this gimmicky idea doesn't exist for real. Yet.


If only these bad boys were actually available for purchase. That would sort out every pressie predicament. Ever.

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