Because peanut butter isn't for everyone and Nutella isn't always the answer

The people have spoken and the people have said 'where are all the super easy NUT FREE desserts' and we have said 'Behold! They are here!'. Because sometimes not everyone is nuts for nuts.

Please note - these are nut-free recipes but always double check the packets of any ingredients if you're feeding allergy sufferers.


Cookies and cream no-bake Oreo cheesecake

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We very much like the sound of the words 'no bake'. And 'cheesecake'. And 'Oreos'. All of this please. Get the recipe for oreo cheesecake here.


Strawberry mint cheesecake

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Now that the weather has finally turned, it's time to get excited about delicious summery desserts like this amazing cheesecake. Get the super-easy and super-cute cheesecake recipe here.


Caramel chocolate cups 

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Mouthwatering to look at and only four ingredients! The recipe for these delicious caramel chocolate cups is here.


Lemon blueberry cheesecake bars

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Look at those colours! Get your bake on with this recipe for cheesecake bars.


Raspberry cheesecake brownies

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All our favourite things are coming together as one. Raspberry cheesecake brownies. Yes please.


Salted dulche de leche brownies

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Even the name sounds indulgent. These gorgeous brownies are all made in one bowl. So simple. Get the caramel-laden brownie recipe here.


Chocolate and cranberry sweet rolls

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Sure, sure. You have to make your own dough for this one (easier than it looks) but just imagine the smell of warm rolls, chocolate and cranberry wafting from the kitchen and you'll be whipping them up in no time. What are you waiting for? The chocolate cranberry sweet rolls recipe is here.

Have we missed anything? Tell us your top no-nuts recipes in the comments below ...