Cats' heads in bread is a thing. It's also hilarious (especially if you're a dog)

We love cats. We love bread. So what could be more amusing than cats in bread?


Oh the internet, capable of great strides in human endeavour and utterly pointless activities such as putting your cat's head in a slice of bread and posting it for all to see.


It's known as "breading". Here's what you've been missing.

Cat au pain

What you'll need if you want to keep up with this hot new trend is: one compliant (if disgruntled) cat, and one slice of bread. Pink nail varnish optional

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Are you kitten me?

Look how appalled this Persian cat is at the suggestion it might be 'in bred'! Or maybe it's because it has a slice of bread on its pedigree head.

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Loafing it 

Grumpy, regal, aloof: we've got plenty of emotions going on here.


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Give the camera some cattitude!

Some cats absolutely love it.

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The toast of the town

They wouldn't have stood for this in Ancient Egypt. We were revered, you know!

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Really into this hole thing

Look at his liddle face!

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Kneads some purr-suasion

Stalwartly pretending you haven't got a slice of Seeded Sensations on your head

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In the wild

Are rare shot of a breaded cat in its natural habitat.

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So pawerful

Get the cut of the rye bread right and you've got bread hair. in this case a solid impression of Cleo-pawtra. 

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Feline noir

"Portrait of the artist as a young cat on a ladder with a slice of bread."

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