Look very closely. Cana-cana-cana you guess who could be eating this all day?

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Image: Can you guess whose celeb lunch this is?

Photo: Ria Osborne

Braided hair optional …

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Gif: Culture Club / Tumblr / lavitarr



Either way, now you know it's … Boy George (apparently).


After the 80s icon piled on a few pounds he turned over a new spinach leaf, went all raw on us and lost a whole lot of weight.


He puts it down to a strict regime of green stuff and self-control. We put it down to a mix of hardcore-sounding eating regimes. When he's being all 'raw vegan' he even soaks his own nuts. Boy, George!


In an interview with Bon Appétit, Boy George says, "I soak [almonds] overnight, I use a nut milk bag to filter it through. I usually bottle it and keep it in the fridge. I use it in soups, or whatever. But if I’m in a hurry, I’ll use a nut butter with water. You don’t need to soak nuts overnight. You can use nut butter, a good quality one."

Bet you can't imagine Boy George owning a nut milk bag can you? Us neither.


It's quite hard to keep up with what diet he's currently on, but if he's on a Paleo kick like he is right now, it'll be something Japanese-inspired like raw salmon.







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