Our love affair with the great British breakfast is stronger than ever – well, it would have to be to make you want to tuck into one of these eye-boggling beasts

The Monster Mega Breakfast

Where: Corner Café, Portishead
What: 6 rashers of bacon, 6 sausages, 6 eggs, 2 3-egg omelettes, 4 portions of fried potatoes, 4 portions of mushrooms, 4 onion rings (wait, isn’t this breakfast?), 4 slices of toast, 2 portions of stewed tomatoes, 2 portions of baked beans, 2 slices of fried bread and half a grilled tomato
Calorie count: a stomach-churning 8,000
Price: £15
We say: no-one has yet finished this mega meal. Shocking

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Corner Café, Portishead

Via Facebook.com/cornercafeportishead

The Hibernator

Where: Bear Grills Café, Manchester
What: we’re talking 8 sausages, 8 slices of bacon, 4 hash browns, 4 fried eggs, a 4-egg cheese omelette, 4 waffles, 4 black puddings, beans, tomatoes, mushroom, fries, 4 pieces of toast and 4 pieces of fried bread (plus butter, obvs). Oh and it’s topped off with a 32-ounce strawberry milkshake with a giant dollop of whipped cream
Calorie count: 8,000 *gulps*
Price: £19.95
We say: you have to sign a waiver to attempt this monster meal. If you succeed (and so far only one person has), you’re likely to feel very, very unwell

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Bear Grills Café, Manchester

Via Facebook.com/BearGrillsCafe

The Big One

Where: Hungry Hossee Café, Northamptonshire
What: 3 sausages, 3 beef burgers, 3 fried eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, 3 slices of black pudding, 3 square sausages, 3 portions of beans, 3 portions of mushrooms, 3 potato waffles, 3 potato scones, 3 hash browns, 3 portions of fried bread, 3 rounds of bread and butter and 3 rounds of toast. Seriously
Calorie count: 7,500
Price: £12
We say: weighing in at 3kg it’s no wonder only three people have managed to polish off this mountain of food 

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Hungry Hossee Café, Northamptonshire

Via Facebook.com/Hungry-hossee

The Kidz Breakfast

Where: Jester Diner, Great Yarmouth
What: bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, black pudding, all surrounded by many many slices of white toast
Calorie count: 6,000
Price: £15
We say: hungry, anyone?

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Jester Diner

Via Facebook/JesterDiner

The breakfast with no name

Where: Castle Café, Rochdale
What: 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, 8-egg omelette with cheese, 4 pieces of spam, chips, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, 6 fried eggs, 4 hash browns, 6 black puddings, 4 slices of fried bread, 4 slices of buttered bread, 4 slices of toast and a cup of tea. Anyone?
Calorie count: a gobsmacking 9,000
Price: £18.50
We say: weighing more than half a stone, this is nearly five times your recommended daily calorie intake, people

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Castle Café, Rochdale

Via Facebook.com/Castle-Cafe-Rochdale

The Breakfast Blow-out

Where: Fatboy’s, Croydon
What: a 5lb plate of breakfast goodness including: a packet of bacon (yes, a whole packet), two jumbo sausages, two eggs, a tin of beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and a slice of fried bread
Calorie count: 4,500
Price: £15
We say: you have just 1 hour to polish this lot off and secure your spot on the Wall of Fame – plus a refund on your meal. Not a great deal, really

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Fatboy’s, Croydon, London

Via Facebook.com/fatboyscafeltd

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