In the name of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night we’ve rummaged around the web to find a whole load of exploding food. Need a break from a tedious task? Here it is in all its combusting glory

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Image: Exploding spices

Via: Schwartz / String and Tins /

Bonfire night: who doesn’t love the smoky smell of the bonfire, Catherine wheels that whizz and rockets that fill the sky with squillions of sparks. The whole show is stupendous. But as these fun foodie GIFs demonstrate, it’s not just the fireworks that go with a bang …


The taco

Ah, we could have eaten that. Too late now.

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Via: tacobellftw /


Birthday cake

Beats birthday candles.

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What every shoddy cheeseburger should be destined for.

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The orange

One lonesome orange shot to a million pieces. 

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Via: redditlordpigofpork /


Sweets and Liquorice Allsorts

Well, that's one way to reduce your sugar intake.

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Sweets and liquorice allsorts

Via: Zeitguised via Bernstein & Andriulli /


A humble egg

How’d ya like your eggs in the morning? Shot through with a bullet, if you please.

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Exploding coconut

What to do when you're fed up with health hipsters who insist on putting coconut in everything?

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BOOM! And these explosive spices are set to music would you believe.

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Exploding spices

Via: Schwartz / String and Tins /


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