Turn the dishwasher into a fish kettle and a coffee machine into a veg steamer. Go on, teach an old gadget new tricks

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Image: Bet you never knew you could cook these in your kitchen appliances

Via: Homemade

French fancy: try this apple tarte tatin recipe

Take a good look around your kitchen because, dear friends, you can do a lot more than you thought with that dishwasher, bread maker and rice cooker.


We’re talking about perfectly cooked salmon or squidgy chocolate brownies. Don’t believe us? Keep reading ...

The dishwasher

You think: it’s just for washing the dishes (and saving you from doing it yourself)
You should think: poaching a salmon, whipping up a family lasagne or even a batch of bagels 

Via: YouTube / Tom Scott

The bread maker

You think: bread to rival Mr Paul Hollywood
You should think: use a glut of fruit to make some jam

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The slow cooker

You think: it’s for making stews, casseroles and curries
You should think: mugfuls of fudgy chocolate brownies

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The rice cooker

You think: well, perfectly cooked rice. Obviously
You should think: bonjour tarte tatin

Via: YouTube / Alex French Guy Cooking

The drip coffee maker

You think: you’ll just get your caffeine fix
You should think: you can cook veg in the filter basket too

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Coffee maker

Via: CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / wikihow.com

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