You won’t believe the ingredients

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Image: Cakes made of WHAT?  The most mouthwatering dishes you can’t eat


"Kitchen cupboard sushi"

While the sight of a triple-layered mud cake, chocolate fudge brownies and doughnuts might make your stomach rumble, if you look closely at this lot you won't want to take a bite. Trust us.


Australian photographer T.Q. Lee has created a series of stunning food images (called "Inedible") and he hasn’t used a single morsel of food.


Instead of using chocolate, flour and sugar, the not-so-edible dishes have been made with sponges (the household variety), shaving cream and polystyrene.


Prepare for your mind to be boggled.

Bicycle tyre burger

Yes, the chips are made from bendy straws. Genius. 

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Sock doughnuts

Doughnuts are a thing of beauty but who knew a couple of brown, rolled socks and shaving foam could look so appetising?

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Teddy bear tacos

Made from the remains of a teddy bear (*sniff*), bath towels, cotton wool and felt, tacos have never looked so cuddly.

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Triple-layer mud cake

We have to admit the mud icing (yes, actual mud) and shaving cream filling looks rather tempting.

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