Take a seat at the lunch tables of kids around the globe

School dinners. Love 'em. Hate 'em. Can't remember 'em? Thanks to Martha Payne, the schoolgirl who started a blog about her unsatisfactory primary school nosh in Scotland, snapping and sharing school lunches are now A Thing.


Mini food bloggers from across the globe are itching to share their lunchtime tales. From beige food mountains to gourmet cuisine, here are a few of our faves.


Dosas with saffron coriander and chutney. Bombay mix. Papaya

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South Korea

Kimchi stew. Rice. Omelette. Grapes.

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United Arab Emirates

Savoury croissant stuffed with za'atar (a Middle Eastern spice). Cucumber. Carrot. Strawberries. Orange juice.

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Milk. Spaghetti bolognese. Carrots. Strawberries and grapes.

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chicago 2

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... elsewhere in Chicago

Onion rings. Burgers. Chips galore. Ketchup. Lots of ketchup. 

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Chicken. Meatballs. Salad. Noodles. Green beans. And is that cottage cheese? Wow, go Sweden!

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Roasted fish with pesto sauce. Watermelon, cucumber and peach salad. Potatoes.

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Mackerel filet braised in miso. Cabbage salad with ham, cucumber, green beans, egg omelette. Vegetable and tofu soup. Milk. 

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Snap and share your or your kids' school dinners in the comments below!