You can bet there'll be cherry pie and a damned fine cup of coffee

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Image: A Twin Peaks immersive restaurant experience is coming

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After savouring dragon's egg and the tongue of a lying Lannister at London's Game of Thrones pop-up, along comes another real-life TV food experience to make your mouth water and your fingers twitch for IMDB – and this time, it's creepier.


This immersive theatre and dining experience inspired by cult 90s classic Twin Peaks is going to open in London next month. Because 'immersive theatre and dining experiences' are the new restaurants, obviously. 

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Being co-hosted in a secret London location by food artists Blanch and Shock and pop-up wizards Lemonade and Laughing Gas, the event will be called The Owls Are Not What They Seem (of course) and will feature a three-course meal, a late-night drinking den and interactive surprises. They won't tell us any more. Tickets go on sale this Friday 17 July from possibly the world's most understated website

While a surreal show about the murder of a teenage homecoming queen might not be the most obvious inspiration for a night of top-notch delicious eating, Twin Peaks does offer plenty of foodie reference points alongside the melodrama.

We can guess there'll be plenty of small town diner dishes – possibly ham and maple syrup, probably doughnuts. Definitely cherry pie.

And while the booze will be flowing, the most important beverage of all will be Agent Dale Cooper's true rocket fuel, rivers of strong, hot coffeeMade, we can only hope, without a fish in the percolator...


Five more TV shows we'd like to see turned into pop-ups...

Because these days we're not content to just watch our favourite programmes – we want to live them, breathe them and eat them as well. So news of the Twin Peaks pop-up got the Homemade team thinking about which other TV shows would make good immersive theatrical dining experiences. Sorry, restaurants.


1. Keeping Up Appearances

Who didn't spend the whole 90s dreaming of attending one of Hyacinth Bucket's exclusive candlelit suppers? The immersive fun could be fulfilled by Elizabeth-from-next-door spilling tea over you at unexpected intervals, accompanied by Emmet on the piano and rounded off with surprise cameos from Onslow, Daisy and the dishy vicar.


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Hyacinth Bucket

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2. Parks and Recreation

Let's bring JJ's Diner to life! Of course you can already order waffles in many real-life establishments (we've heard), but nowhere can you comfortably walk into a diner and tell them "bring me all the eggs and bacon you have". And frankly, the world is a worse place for it.

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Dowager Countess

Downton Abbey / ITV / Via:


3. Downton Abbey

The food would be great (if consommé, grouse and blancmange is your thing), but the real thrill of dining a la Downton would be waiting for a secret socialist to leap up from behind a silver tureen and throw buns at Lord Grantham. Followed by dancing. 


4. The Sopranos

There's a Sopranos Family Cookbook but as yet no real-life Sopranos supper club, and that's a travesty. Because from onion rings and salami sandwiches to Neapolitan meatballs, sfogliatelle and of course, cannoli, this is a TV family that knows how to eat. Now imagine tucking into all that, but without the faint whiff of Mafia violence lurking behind the curtains. Belissima

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The Simpsons / Fox / Via:


5. The Simpsons

How it's possible that nobody has created a Simpsons-themed food pop-up yet we don't know, but they've got as far as making Duff beer a real thing so the rest of Springfield's gourmet scene can't be far off. We want to visit a Krusty Burger, please. We want to eat five doughnuts in Homer's control pod. We want to chomp gravity-free potato chips to the tune of the Blue Danube, survive the Merciless Pepper of Quetzalacatenango and eat a waffle wrapped round a stick of butter. Because we all know you don't win friends with salad.  

Which TV show do you think would make a perfect pop-up? Comment below or tweet us @Homemade