Photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj photographs the ingredients required for some of your favourite dishes in his minimalist images. If you are what you eat then we'll be these pictures, please

If it looks like a hurricane has swept through your kitchen every time you prepare a meal, then you might want to look away now.


These photographs from Danish snapper Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj dissect the components of your favourite dishes, turning them into sleek, minimalist works of art.


They're part of an advertising campaign Jul Hvilshøj did for cookware company Eva Solo's pots and pans, and the still-lifes were created by "flat-laying" the ingredients against a coloured background.


"The idea was to show a product and ingredients together, illustrating a certain dish ideally made in that specific product," writes Jul Hvilshøj on Bored Panda.


"The images both function as a presentation of a product and as inspiration for various recipes. The ingredients were placed on a coloured background in a style called 'flat laying'.


"To keep everything clean and tight, we lined product and ingredients up in a square seen from top view, and to make the five images stand out from each other, we varied the background colours."


According to the photographer, his aim was to create "images of minimalism and serenity, combining it with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feeling."


His other talent? Making us hungry for picturesque dishes. Is it dinner time yet?



Breakfast of champions. This still-life includes four blueberries, two strawberries, butter, one date, 12 raisins, a slice of apple, some oats and milk.

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The ingredients of a ratatouille, broken down: one courgette, three tomatoes, one onion, a pinch of salt, one and a half red peppers and some olive oil.

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This stylish bouillabaisse is made up of two mussels, two prawns, one langoustine, a sliced fish, one leek, some saffron strands and an onion bulb.

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Dried pasta

A pasta still-life with spaghetti, linguine, farfalle and rigatoni.

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Fried eggs

Breakfast, simplified: one egg, a sprinkle of salt and a sprinkle of pepper.

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