Now, when ‘Hunger Strikes’ you can dive headfirst into something far tastier than a bowl of boring cereal

Why just have Shreddies for breakfast, when you can transform them into impossibly sweet treats to enjoy throughout the day. Like this:


Muddy Buddies

This addictive little snack calls for you to roll a whole load of Shreddies in creamy white chocolate, cool them off in the fridge and then dust them down with icing sugar. Not quite low-sugar cereal. But still. This recipe uses Chex – the American equivalent of Shreddies – but both work just dandily. Happy Muddy Buddy-ing

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The Shreddie Cluster

This is pretty much a crunchier version of the classic Krispie or Cornflake cake. We actually prefer it. You?

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Magic Bar

Not for the faint hearted – this crazy bar of sweetness involves layers of pretzel, biscuit, condensed milk and chocolate. Oh, and caramel. You can substitute any of the key ingredients for something similar – Shreddies work perfectly in place of the Graham Crackers here. Elasticated waistband optional.  

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Peanut Butter Bites

A no-bake combination of peanut butter and chocolate with a crunchy little Shreddie on top. Something tells us one is not going to be enough. 

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Muffin Top

Thinking outside of the box, a few clever cooks on Pinterest used crushed Shreddies instead of wheat germ to top off this muffin recipe. A gold star for each of them!

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Sticky Fingers 

Coconut, raisins, peanut butter and corn syrup – the stickiest snack-box treat in town. 

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Cheese Biscuits

The Shreddies in this recipe keep the texture light – giving you a cheese-flavoured snack that is part way between a biscuit and a scone.

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Bits and Bites

Why not transform the humble Shreddie (and friends) into a salty television snack? 


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Cheddar and Garlic Snack Attack 

Soak your Shreddies in butter. Toss them with garlic and spice. Then cover them in CHEESE. Yes, we want them for breakfast too.





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