Chocoholics gather round: it’s time to earn your cocoa credentials

Whether you devour bar after bar of milk chocolate (yes, we know your Friday night snacking habits) or handfuls of dark chocolate buttons on a more restrained basis, you can’t call yourself a true chocolate fiend unless you’ve at least thought about buying one of these …  

Wonka bar

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Willy Wonka iPhone case

Via Etsy / theSugarloafBoutique

This iPhone case is the closest we’ll ever get to a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


Pillow talk

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Chocolate pretzel pillow

Via Nylon / B2

These chocolate pretzel pillows take sweet dreams to a whole new level. 


Oh crumbs

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Bourbon biscuit necklace

Via Etsy / dragondreadsshop

Never be parted from your beloved chocolate biscuit again with this sweet necklace. Although we wouldn’t recommend eating this one …


Sweet dreams

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What kid hasn’t dreamt of sleeping in a giant chocolate bar? Come on. We all want one!


Give it some stick

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Chocolate ice cream USB

Via Amazon / YooUSB

Some say that chocolate is better than a friend. Well, this ice cream USB stick proves that it can certainly be more organised …


Picture perfect

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Chocolate picture

Via Etsy / Latte Design

Our sentiments exactly. 


Bite me

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Who wouldn’t want to smell like a giant chocolate bar? Erm. Ok, well the upside is that it promises to make your skin feel silky smooth too.  


The notebook

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The sweetest spot to jot down your thoughts. 


You mug

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Teacake mug

Via Red Tunnocks / Liberty

The perfect accompaniment to a cuppa (real teacakes are of course optional, but a welcome addition).