Stout, stout. Let it all out!

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Image: Things you never knew you could do with Guinness

Bill Gorham/ CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: wbgphotography

Spare rib? Not with these around

It might be a long time since the old "Guinness is good for you" campaign had us all knocking back pints of Ireland’s most famous export, but that doesn’t mean we love the drink any less.


While the meal-in-a-glass isn’t to everyone’s taste, you can trust the internet to come up with alternative ways to enjoy it. Meal-in-a-glass-in-a-toastie, anyone? Cheers. 


1. Make a cake with it

So darkly decadent that it makes regular chocolate fudge cake look like a light salad, Guinness cake has become a modern classic.


Top it with cream cheese and Baileys icing and cut it so that every slice looks like a little mini pint on your plate. Aw.

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Chocolate Guinness Cake


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2. Bake a tasty loaf with it

Famous for being basically the easiest loaf there is (short of buying it from a shop), soda bread is another Irish hero that works beautifully with its pal, Guinness.


To really make the party complete, invite along their best friend: cheese. 



3. Get battered with it

The bubbles in any beer are ideal for keeping batter light and crispy, but take it one step further and use Guinness to pack a flavour punch in onion rings, fish and anything else you might find yourself deep-frying.


If only she’d known, Betty Botter’s bitter batter could have been a whole lot better.  

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4. Caramelise onions with it

Re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about onions. Slow-cooking them in a generous glug of Guinness gives you a sticky, sweet and slightly tipsy mixture to pile onto hot dogs, burgers and cheese on toast, or make the crowning glory of a corned beef and grilled cheese sandwich

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5. Put it in your meatloaf 

Mixing Guinness with meatloaf might sound like the stuff of a bad power ballads theme night, but blogger Laurie from Relishing It proves that it can make a delicious bacon-topped dinner too.


We would do anything for Guinness … and yeah, we’ll do that. 


6. Smother your ribs in it

Beer and barbecues are such a natural pairing that it was only a matter of time before we cut out the middle man and started putting it straight on the food.


Barbecue sauce might be a southern US staple, but adding a bottle of Guinness makes it taste a whole lot closer to home. Better fetch a brolly.  

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7. Dip things in it

Sure, guacamole is green – but the proper dip to pay homage to St Paddy is one that features cheese, mustard and a cup of the strong stuff.


Try Guinness in a cold, creamy dip like this one from The Parsley Thief, or stir it into hot melted cheese for a boozy fondue. Then raise a toast! Or a tortilla chip, an olive, a piece of ham … your call.

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8. Turn it into an ice cream float

Less recipe, more "how come that never occurred to me before?", one scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce can transform your pint into a frothy nostalgic sugar dream. It might get you kicked out of the pub, but it’s worth it. 

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