We bow before her cheese-loving, late-night fridge-raiding greatness

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Ms Lawson is back with a new book, a new show and armed with new reasons for us to worship her.  


She's forever been our number one TV cook. How could she not, with all that late-night fridge scavenging and in-bed cake eating? But, in light of 2015's #eatclean obsessed culture, she – and her new recipe collection, Simply Nigella (Hardback, RRP £26, Chatto & Windus) – is more vital than ever. 


Deprivation? Not Nige's thing. 


"I don't like extremes … I think food should not be used as a way of persecuting oneself, and one should look to get pleasure and revel in what's good," she said on Woman's Hour


That's not to say she thinks we should all be necking double cream and demolishing family bars of Fruit & Nut (her Instagram is packed with photos of vibrant, colourful vegetables alongside decadent buttercream-licked cakes).


But that sweet spot of ideal balance, bred of cooking our own unprocessed food as well as a little of what we fancy, is something she's got nailed. 


Here are some other times the domestic goddess proved she's not just the queen of food, but of life too.


1. The time when she presented the UK's Eurovision vote 


2. The time she reminded us just what a knock out she's always been 


3. The time when she posed for a magazine cover, dripping in salted caramel 

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4. The time she reminded us there is something good about the changing season


5. The time she reminded us the best way to spend a Saturday night is making a peanut butter cheesecake in a black, silky dressing gown 


6. The time she showed us she's a klutz … just like us 


7. The time she made a stand for greedy women, everywhere

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8. The time she came back with a clean, fresh new look after a tough old year 


What a queen. 



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